Monday, 10 December 2012

Hiding away...

Its been a while since I have thought about this blog....

I know that I should be connecting with other *autism* mums out there...

I know that the support received from parents who *get it* would help me tremendously...

I just haven't been available...

I am just tired, so tired of living with autism....

Is this it?

Is this my life?

Is this my future?

I read blogs written by autistic adults. They make me feel bad. They say I must accept my child as he is.

I do accept him. I do love him with all of my being.

But life is hard.

Its not what I thought my life would be....

I am tired, so tired...

I need to go looking for more mums, more support and more understanding...

Are you out there?

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Remember our children!

This post has been nagging at me for the last few hours, although in reality this post has been sitting on the back burner for a few weeks!

As of yesterday, the autism community has been in an uproar over a mindless, extremely hurtful and spiteful comment by the rapper known as 50 Cents.

This made me stand up and decide to speak my mind.... right now!!!

First of all I want to mention Jenny McCarthy. I am sure that you all know who she is. If you don't... then perhaps you don't have a child with autism. I am not going to wax lyrical about this warrior mummy ~ it you would like to learn more about her, just hit google... although you may be tied up for days because there is a shit load of information out there!

The next person I would like to highlight is the man himself 50 Cent. Just click on his name and that will take you to his Wikipedia page!

The last person I want to add to this post is Holly Robinson Peete. Holly is a extremely classy lady who I admire and respect. However, even she has risen to the bait and pulled out all the stops to make a point!

If you have a child or a teenager or an adult with autism, then you will know that within the autism community, parents are extremely quick to judge one another. The infighting is horrific. The arguing over different therapies, to do or not do biomedical and the various diets can cause a lot of nastiness. I find the anger and hate absolutely mind boggling!

My point IS.......... 

Parents, people, teachers, therapists....

ANY PERSON who is involved with autism...... 

PLEASE remember the children!!

Let the BIG names come out with the big guns. 

It doesn't matter if you don't agree with them. So what, who cares what they do.... What YOU must do is concentrate on your own child and the life that you lead. Why let the anger burn you, take hold of your emotions, cause you to get out there and fight. Each time you focus on the negativity you are losing that precious time with your child.

You are the most important person to your child. Don't waste your anger on something that you can do nothing about.  I have seen a lot of blogs berating Jenny McCarthy and 50 Cents.... don't waste your emotion and your energy.

Keep it for


Thank you for reading this post. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Why oh why?

This blog of mine is a relatively new one. I was hesitant to start this blog, however, I see so much diversity in the autism community and it really bothers me. I guess I want to create awareness that no matter whereabouts on the spectrum our child is, no matter the situation we find ourselves in, no matter our financial status.... we really need to stick together. We must support each other regardless of what we believe.  Am I being naive? Perhaps!

I just can't bear it...... here I am, a mother with a son who just happens to have autism. He is severely challenged with motor planning issues, sensory processing disorder and he is also non verbal! I have enough troubles in my life without having grief from other parents because I am not doing x,y and z!

I will admit, I have been guilty of this myself....... BUT NO MORE!

I want to state right here, right now, that I will not judge another parent for the path they choose to take!

I will also not beat myself up that I am not doing x, y and Z!!! :-)

Onwards and upwards!


Friday, 18 May 2012

Food issues!

I shake my head over these issues............

Autism and food

Autism and sensory issues and food

Autism and low muscle tone and food?

We were doomed right from the very start and I gotta tell you...... my son and his food have given me many a headache over the years!

His diet is extremely restrictive. Oh, he will eat breakfast for lunch and lunch for breakfast, however, offer him any new food and he will refuse to eat it!

Take tonight for example; he is mad about macaroni cheese, however, the cheese sauce has to been very runny and smooth. I guess this is a sensory *thing*! Pasta is all well and good, but what about the protein? I very sneakily diced up a small piece of cooked chicken and mixed it in with the good ol' mac and cheese!

Well, would you believe it, he found a teeny weeny piece of chicken and then that was that!! The dinner ended up in the bin! 

Sadly, because of the autism, there is no way I can resort to bribery and blackmail ~ he just doesn't get it! :)

What to do, what to do?

You know what? Tomorrow is another day, I will think about it then!